A woman smiles as a dentist examines her teeth

The 3 Types of Dental Patients — Which One Are You?

While each individual patient is unique, many dentists would tell you that most of them can be put into one of three main categories: event-driven patients, reactive patients, and proactive patients. Which type of patient you are depends on your relationship with your own oral health and how often you go to the dentist. Of course, this is not permanent... read more »

A woman is shown her teeth in a mirror

Answering Frequently Asked Dental Questions

People of all ages go the dentist for a variety of reasons. While some may have a good grasp on what the dentist is doing and why, others may have some questions. If you’re confused by some aspect of the dental process, take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions: Why... read more »

A woman is anxious at the dentist's office

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

It’s fairly normal to have at least a little bit of fear or worry associated with going to a dental appointment. By some indications, more than one-third of Americans have some level of dental fear and about 12% suffer from an extreme version of that anxiety. This fear causes people to avoid the dentist, which leads to negative dental outcomes... read more »

A man smiles, showing off his perfect smile

Why it’s Important to Take Care of Your Smile

A nice smile can show off your warm and inviting nature. But not taking proper care of your smile can lead to a whole host of issues. This June, during National Smile Month, be sure to practice proper oral hygiene to keep your smile intact. Here are some benefits to doing so: Aesthetic Reasons Everyone wants to be able to... read more »

3D Rendering of Root Canal Treatment

Getting to the Root of Root Canals

Root canals tend to have a negative reputation thanks to pop culture. You might see a character on a television show lamenting about something they don’t want to do and utter the expression, “I’d rather get a root canal.” As a result, root canal treatments are often considered to be a painful dental procedure that most people tend to fear.... read more »

Young Woman Maintaining Oral Health at Home by Brushing Teeth

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth: Is Brushing & Flossing Enough?

Regular brushing and flossing are certainly important in the context of at-home oral health, but is it really enough to ensure a healthy mouth? Unfortunately, no. While there’s no doubt that self-maintenance aids in keeping your mouth looking and feeling clean, oral health is much more complex. As we’ve noted in the past, poor oral health can be linked to... read more »

Dentist looking at a patient's teeth

Brush Up On These Dentists for National Dentist’s Day

As March 6 is National Dentist’s Day, it is the perfect time for a quick refresher on the different types of dentists we have available at Capital Dental Group and what they can do to support and improve your oral health. Whether it be general dentists, implantologists, prosthodontists, periodontists, or oral surgeons, there are a wide range of dentists available... read more »

Child and dentist giving thumbs up while smiling

Tips for Ensuring Your Child’s Dental Health

When it comes to our kids, we want the very best for them in all areas of their life. We will do whatever it takes to ensure they have everything they need and are set up for a happy and healthy future. One way to ensure this is by making their dental health a priority. Whether it be teaching them... read more »

Patient Getting Teeth Whitening Procedure

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Other Popular Options

Teeth whitening has fast become one of the most popular dental treatments. While everyone wants to have a bright and beautiful smile, many people choose less expensive treatment options that are not as effective and may end up costing more in the long run. If you want to have whiter teeth, professional teeth whitening is the way to go. You... read more »

Closeup of Young Woman Smiling

Important Tips for Those with Dental Benefits

For those with health insurance that includes dental, it’s important you understand what you’re entitled to with your specific benefits. Through the proper use of your dental benefits, you will not only ensure your teeth are clean and healthy today, but you will be setting them up for long-term health as well. Whether your plan includes two regular cleanings a... read more »