Dentures in Bakersfield, California

If your smile is incomplete due to several missing teeth, our dentists and team are here to help you achieve a fuller smile! We offer customized dentures in Bakersfield, California, to help you achieve a beautiful and more functional smile. To learn more, we welcome you to contact Capital Dental Group today at 661-861-8000 and set up a visit with our general dentists and dental specialists!

While dentures are well-known as a replacement option when a full arch of teeth is missing, they can also be used to restore the oral health of patients who are only missing a few teeth, returning full function and beauty to their smiles. Dentures can positively impact your facial aesthetic as well by filling in the structure of your face and profile.

When you visit our dentists for your restoration consultation, they will help you decide whether a full or partial denture is right for your smile. The main difference between the two is that a full denture is designed to replace a full arch of missing teeth while a partial denture can be used when a patient still has a few natural teeth remaining. In these cases, the partial denture will connect your prosthetic teeth to your natural teeth using a thin metal frame and plastic connections, and the appliance will be customized to meet your specific comfort and security needs.

Becoming accustomed to your dentures may take a few weeks depending on your familiarity with dental appliances, and you may experience some initial soreness or irritation. Any discomfort you are experiencing should go away with time as your mouth adjusts to the denture and you become more comfortable with their use. As usual, we recommend thorough oral hygiene habits when caring for your dentures to ensure both your mouth and your appliance serve you well for years to come. This will include brushing your gums, tongue and roof of your mouth before wearing your dentures each morning.

You can learn more about dentures and get started by calling our office and scheduling your appointment today.