Why Professional Dental Cleanings Are Necessary

Brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, and use a fluoride mouthwash. Do this every day and you should be good to go, right? Not exactly. While regular brushing and flossing go a long way in maintaining good oral health, they do not take the place of regularly scheduled professional dental cleanings. The American Dental Association recommends having your teeth... read more »

Straightening Out the Facts: Invisalign Versus At-Home Clear Aligners

In the digital age, convenience is king. With a computer, tablet, or smartphone, consumers can take care of an entire day’s worth of errands and appointments without getting out of bed. Health care is no different. The appeal of at-home services, such as telemedicine and virtual visits, is on the rise and at-home treatment options are turning heads for their... read more »

Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Health Habits

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, which promotes the importance of good oral health. Developing good oral health habits at an early age can lead to a lifetime of happy teeth and gums! Here are some tips to help establish good hygiene habits in your kids. SHOW THEM HOW IT’S DONE Good habits start at home and the best way... read more »