Important Tips for Those with Dental Benefits

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For those with health insurance that includes dental, it’s important you understand what you’re entitled to with your specific benefits.

Through the proper use of your dental benefits, you will not only ensure your teeth are clean and healthy today, but you will be setting them up for long-term health as well.

Whether your plan includes two regular cleanings a year, coverage for procedures, or anything in between, it is essential to review your dental plan to get everything you’re entitled to before your benefits expire.

Review your dental plan

The first thing that everyone with dental insurance should do is to review their plan. When you review your dental plan, you will see if cleanings and other procedures are covered.

This will allow you to schedule the recommended two teeth cleanings per year and can allow you to schedule restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns and bridges, and more as needed.

Schedule regular dental cleanings

In most cases, insurance companies will cover two dental cleanings per year. Make sure to double-check your dental plan, and if you’ve only had one teeth cleaning or exam this year, make sure to have the second scheduled before year-end.

Teeth cleanings are an important part of your oral health and will keep your teeth clean and in good shape for many years to come. Dental cleanings typically include flossing, fluoride treatment, removal of tooth stains or discolorations, screening for tooth decay or gum disease, and X-rays to examine your overall oral health.

Schedule any restorative treatments

If it is discovered that you need further treatment for your teeth during one of your regular dental cleanings, many insurance companies will cover a large percentage of the treatment.

This is dependent on the dental coverage you have, but many insurance companies will cover around 70% to 80% of minor restorative procedures, such as fillings, with you paying the remaining amount.

It is important to have these minor procedures handled immediately, as these issues can eventually lead to more complicated dental procedures that may not be covered fully by your insurance.

Call to book an appointment

When you review your dental plan and notice that you have unused benefits remaining for this year, it is essential that you book an appointment with your local dental office as soon as possible. Capital Dental Group is open seven days a week and provides a wide range of services, from cleanings and exams, orthodontics, dental implants, and more.

Since 1989, our dental practice has devoted our efforts to our beloved patients and will attend to any dental needs you may have.

We are proud to offer affordable dentistry to everyone and accept most dental insurance programs and all PPO plans. For those without dental insurance, Capital Dental Group offers a Membership Club that covers exams, cleanings, and X-rays and provides a 20% discount off all other treatment for as little as $27 a month. The Membership Club is available for children as well.

If you are looking to take advantage of unused benefits, we welcome you to contact our team today at 661-861-8000.