Getting to the Root of Root Canals

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3D Rendering of Root Canal Treatment

Root canals tend to have a negative reputation thanks to pop culture. You might see a character on a television show lamenting about something they don’t want to do and utter the expression, “I’d rather get a root canal.”

As a result, root canal treatments are often considered to be a painful dental procedure that most people tend to fear. However, root canals are designed to relieve pain — not cause it — and in our experience, knowledge is power when it comes to overcoming those fears. So, let’s get to the root of all things root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

Beneath the tooth’s white enamel and beneath your tooth’s hard layer (called dentin), resides soft tissue that is called pulp. Tooth pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, as well as connective tissue that assist in growing the root of the tooth during developmental stages.

Getting root canal treatment consists of removing pulp inside of the tooth as well as cleaning, disinfecting, and shaping the root canal. At the end of the treatment, a filling will be put in to seal the space and avoid future infection.

When Does a Person Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are deemed necessary when there is significant dental pain caused by infection or inflammation at the root of a tooth. If you have reservations about tooth pulp being removed during a root canal procedure, fear not. Fully developed teeth can survive without pulp because teeth can continue to be nourished by surrounding tissues. At the end of the day, a root canal procedure can end up saving a tooth rather than putting it in any sort of jeopardy.

Raising Root Canal Awareness

Endodontists are specialists who focus on root canal treatments. While endodontists and general dentists can both provide dental care, each ends up performing different functions. General dentists commonly specialize in such treatments as teeth cleaning, filling cavities, sealants, and other dental procedures. An endodontist’s primary function is to treat tooth pain.

As the second week of May is Root Canal Awareness Week, Capital Dental Group is here to help if you’re experiencing pain due to tooth infection or inflammation. If we are unable to help a patient with a procedure in our own Bakersfield, CA dental office, we are happy to refer them to reputable specialists, such as endodontists, throughout the area.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about this procedure, as well as the many ways we can help you obtain the smile you’ve always wanted!